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Play Area Survey

play area survey front image


One of the Friends of Coalville Park’s main aspirations is to bring a new and exciting play area to Coalville Park.

We need your help!

We have three proposed grand designs and we want to know which one you like best ….

Although we will most likely have to build the play area in stages due to funding restrictions we would still like to know which theme you like best for your local park. Please read the notes about each theme carefully and then answer below. You can click on any of the photos to make them bigger.

Mining Play Area

The Mining Play Area features a rockscape of Snibston Mine and really draws on including the local heritage within the theme of the play area. It also has the following features:

  • Climbable ‘Snibston Mine’ Rockscape with slide and tunnel
  • Large tube slide
  • Range of swings including flat seat, toddler and disability
  • Balance & Agility Trail
  • Zip Line
  • Climbing Net
  • Toddler Area with wheelchair friendly roundabout and ‘mine train’
  • Tarmac roadway for scooters and role play

Castle Play Area

The Castle Play Area features a Four Towered Castle with slide & balance bars and a huge 5.5m Rope Climbing Net. It has the following features:

  • Castle with balance bars, slide, rope net and spinners
  • Macro Space Net (5.5m high climbing rope net)
  • Zip Line
  • Range of swings including flat seat, toddler and disability
  • Balance Trail
  • Toddler area with train line for role play, springers and belly swing
  • Grassy embankment with crawl tunnel
  • All access roundabout
  • Tarmac roadway for scooters and role play

Tower Play Area

The Tower Play Area features a huge rocket like tower with multiple play features and two tube slides. It also features:

  • Large Tower with 2 tube slides, tunnel, climbing area and peek-a-boo net area
  • Balance trail
  • Toddler Area including a play train
  • Zip line
  • Range of swings including flat, toddler and disability
  • Crawl tunnel
  • All access/wheelchair friendly roundabout
  • Roadway for scooters and role play going over the crawl tunnel


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18 thoughts on “Play Area Survey”

  1. Will the sensory garden that is used by Choices 4 Life remain? Maybe you could add an inclusive part to the park too

    1. Friends of Coalville Park

      The sensory garden is in a different area to the play area so not included in these plans. All 3 of these play areas have inclusive items for example the wheelchair friendly roundabout and disability swings. Thankyou for your feedback

    2. I’ve heard that this area is being taken over by Coalville Veterans. Can only be an improvement as the longer it is neglected the more it is vandalised.

  2. I’m glad to see accessible equipment. I would strongly suggest though that wheelchair accessible swings are considered. As a parent of a wheelchair user reducing the amount we have to lift our children in and out of their wheelchair is a big thing. Also a lot of children need hoists to transfer

    1. Friends of Coalville Park

      Thankyou for your feedback! We have included disability swings however I absolutely take on board your comment regarding reducing the amount of lifting required. Once we know which of the 3 plans is preferred and move to the next stage I will certainly enquire about this for you. One of our biggest priorities is making the play area accessible to all.

  3. i perfer 1 and 3 simple reasons.

    firstly there is less ‘combat’ idiolagy

    secondly i have a brother who suffered a serious concusion running around a coucil built ‘fort’ when he was 4

    lastly. alas older children who in this area (like a great many others) have f all to do of an evening are more likely to see the fort as a place to hang out with there mates smoking joints and drinking. a problem les likely to occur with the other designs.

  4. The Mining theme is the best theme, but it seems a bit drab. Is it not possible to have more ground paintwork like numbers, colours, alphabet, hopscotch, footprints to follow, mini exercise trails? Also a basket swing? These things are accessible to all ages and abilities. I would suggest a higher fence? Is it not possible to lock the play area considering the park itself must be locked?

    I think a toddler area needs fencing/gating off to allow little ones freedom within a safe area.

    1. Friends of Coalville Park

      There is a basket/nest swing included in all 3 designs although I appreciate it’s hard to see on this particular photo. You’re correct that the mining design is the only one without floor graphics, unfortunately this is because they’re very expensive and on this design all the budget was taken up with the equipment (especially the rockscape of the mine). The fence will be the existing fence that goes around Coalville Park Play Area. Our hope is that it will be busy enough to put off potential vandalism during the day and the park is locked at night anyway. There is talk of an extra security camera being located centrally within the park however I do not know if that is going ahead. I assure you that vandalism is a concern for us though. All the equipment is made of steel not wood. Thankyou for your feedback

  5. has to be the mining concept, fits in with the town, other ideas are nice, but surely we want the one that makes the most sense ?

    1. Friends of Coalville Park

      sadly my school assemblies which were booked months ago had to be cancelled due to covid. However I have a backup plan! There will be emails going to the local schools with the plans asking them to get feedback from the children on our behalf. It’s a shame we can’t do it in person but with the current climate that’s sadly impossible. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the children think!

    1. Friends of Coalville Park

      The issue of toilets has been raised with the local council but is out of our control. My feelings are that if this goes ahead (and that’s a big if as remember we still need to source funding) then the toilets would become a priority. Currently not enough people use the park to warrant the spend it would require sadly and they keep getting vandalised which is off putting. There is already cctv in the park and talk of potentially an extra camera being installed.

  6. Love all the designs but the mining one is my favourite purely due to its link to the towns heritage. I take my granddaughter to the park and sadly she can only go on the small toddler climbing frame which is in very poor condition. Would love a new updated play area.

  7. They all look fab.
    What will security be like? This is will be a waste of time if accessible all hours of the day to whoever feels like it. Not to put a downer on it, just want kids to be able to enjoy it.

  8. Don’t want to be a party pooper, however I think before anyone decides on a theme, has anyone thought of the upkeep for any of these designs?. I would want it to still look great in a few years time, rather than it looking derelict in a couple of years.

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