About Us

The grounds team receiving the Green Flag!
The Friends of Coalville Park are a small but friendly team of volunteers trying to make a difference to the park’s future. We were set up in 2019 and meet once a month for 1 hour in the park maintenance depot. Visitors are welcome to come along and see what projects we are working on currently and members are free to take on as much or as little work as they would like. We would especially welcome someone to join us who is enthusiastic about running events in the park such as the Tai Chi sessions we ran during the summer of 2019.
Our Chair is Andy Sipika, Secretary is Amy Shepherd and Treasurer is Sandra Ramp. Most meetings are also attended by members of the Parks & Leisure Team, the Communities Team and a few local councillors so we are an extremely well supported group. If you would like to come along please find details of the next meeting here